JCRS has created a series of products and services that benefit everyone involved in the jewelry purchase, insurance, and claims settlement process, including...

award-winning jewelry claims solutions that can save companies 40% in paid out losses.

• the insurance industry's only internet-based, real-time jewelery claims estimating system that puts adjusters in control of the process.

Certified Insurance Appraiser™ training that enables jewelers to meet insurance appraisal standards and elevate consumer confidence.

ACORD XML jewelry standards that enable insurers and jewelers to accurately describe, record, and electronically handle jewelry appraisal, underwriting, and claims.

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Each month we write about a jewelry insurance issue of importance to insurers and jewelers. We started in January 2000 with a newsletter about deceptive pricing. Subsequent issues have covered topics such as synthetic gems, fracture-filling, bogus appraisals, salvage, partial-loss, and gem scams. Please see the table of contents on the left side of each newsletter for all the topics we've covered and feel free to browse through the newsletters. We'd be happy to send you an e-mail to let you know when each new issue is published — and we won't share your e-mail with anyone.