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Jewelry Appraisal Standards

Enabling jewelry professionals to prepare appraisals to exacting insurance industry standards

Because JCRS’ products and services serve to connect the jewelry and insurance industries and their customers, a common appraisal standard is both desirable and necessary.

Within the jewelry industry there are several different standards groups and organizations, each with its own idea of what constitutes a good jewelry appraisal. Unfortunately, the lack of commonality in the jewelry industry created confusion for insurance professionals.

The insurance industry resolved this confusion by developing its own standards, which include precise gemological description and reliable documentation. ACORD originally described, published and maintained the standards, making the forms available to its membership. Since late 2005, support and distribution of the jewelry appraisal standards is handled by the Jewelry Insurance Standards Organization (JISO), an insurance industry trust.

The ability of insurance standards organizations to work harmoniously together enabled the creation of standards and forms that insurance professionals can rely upon.

Facilitating the collection of relevant information

The ACORD Jewelry Standards, created and developed by JCRS, include standardized appraisal forms that ask for specific details on the item of jewelry being appraised. The availability of standardized appraisal data enables insurers to more accurately underwrite and insure the jewelry, as well as settle claims fairly and obtain trustworthy replacement quotations.

Retailers of fine jewelry also appreciate standardized forms because they provide an opportunity to explain to customers specific qualities that affect the value of jewelry. The forms offer them the opportunity to emphasize the importance of full disclosure of important details for customers who are comparison shopping. The customer not only becomes a more informed consumer, but typically develops higher regard for the jeweler.