Jewelry Insurance Appraisal - Single Item

Forms Instruction Guide details:

This form is identical to JISO 79, Jewelry Insurance Appraisal, in all respects except:

Month/day/year the appraisal was prepared.

Blank Area (next to and above NAME AND ADDRESS)
This area is reserved for the optional imprinting of a logo, name and address and other information of the jeweler/appraiser providing the appraisal.

Name and Address
Name and mailing address of the person whose item(s) are appraised here within.

Item of ___ of ___
Item number of the total items appraised within this appraisal as of the stated date.

Class Code #
Class codes allow for systematically tracking major jewelry groups. The coding facilitates determining actual loss experience, thereby creating a mechanism for more effective exposure rating for different jewelry groups (gold items, diamond jewelry, etc.). See Code description that follows below.

Code Description
This short class designation aids in locating specific jewelry items on large schedules.

Est Replacement Value
Appraised values (based on retail selling price - see form for additional information) are isolated and stand out for quick evaluation.

All key information necessary for valuation of items made with precious metal (gold, silver, platinum) is contained in the described fields. This enables underwriting to determine insurance to value and assists adjusters in calculating replacement/actual cash value.

This is similar in scope to the above mounting format, except that it provides necessary stone specifics for determination of value. Multiple stone entries are allowed so like kind stones can be grouped together.

Optional Description
This area is reserved for other information the appraiser feels is necessary to fully describe the item.

Color Photograph Attached
Provides a visual representation of the item and indicates that a color photo exists.

Item Sales Receipt Attached
Identifies sales receipt information which should include the seller's name, address, receipt # and date (indicated after check box).

The back of this form includes information relating to credentials, definitions of a jewelry appraisal, the purpose of a jewelry appraisal, minimum descriptive information that should be included on all appraised items, gem lab and testing information, appraisers' warranties, and information on the "4 Cs" of diamonds.


Also available is JISO 805, Jewelry Sales Receipt For Insurance Purposes. This form can be used to provide descriptive information about jewelry containing diamonds or colored stones and documenting the price paid for the item. This is not an appraisal.