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Company Milestones


Jewelry inventory records and insurance-to-value methods developed

Desirability of computer based jewelry inventory records and insurance-to-value methods (automatic re-pricing) validated by FC&S article on David Hendry's jewelers and furriers inventory record keeping and component pricing software (Methods Inland Marine Jf-1,2 September, 1982).


Company concept conceived

Encouraged by dialogue with William H. Rodda, CPCU, Mr. Hendry developed the concept of a standardized system of description. Mr. Rodda wrote, "there are many circumstances in which a loss of jewelry or furs can be adjusted with the insured by having the insurance company replace the item.”

This would present the handling of a loss by exchange of an existing article rather than by the manufacture of a new piece to replace the lost article...We believe that there are many thousands of pieces of jewelry that could be used for the purpose of loss adjustment by means of replacement.... The problem is how to get the owners of such property in negotiation with the representative of the insured who had lost the property.... The first requisite would be a system of description or listing that would permit a jeweler in New Jersey for example, to make known to a jeweler, an adjuster, or insurance company, the (existence) of the particular piece of jewelry. Some sort of classification or description would be necessary" (Personal correspondence, August 31, 1987).


Publication of Jewelry Inventory and Sales Classification Manual

The Jewelers of America, Inc., noted, "The industry is fortunate to have such a thorough and flexible classification system which now is suitable for every type of jewelry store operation" (Michael D. Roman, Chairman of the Board, January 1988, for inclusion in the manual).


Claim Mitigation service goes online

JCRS Claim Mitigation service goes online, linking insurance adjusters with high quality jewelers, thereby establishing a blind competitive bidding network.


National recognition

National Underwriter gives JCRS claim service national recognition.


Jewelry Insurance Manual Published

Publication of Jewelry Insurance: The Underwriting and Claims Reference Manual

Appraisal form developed

Standardized Jewelry Insurance Appraisal form developed


Jewelry Appraisal Registry

Jewelry Appraisal Registry (JAR) proposed as the insurance industry's national directory of qualified jewelers/appraisers.

Appraisal Standards Created

JCRS is invited by Harold Tivol (Chairman of the Jeweler's Vigilance Committees' Appraisal Task Force) to participate in the creation of appraisal standards for jewelers.


Insurance Industry Workshop

First insurance industry workshop offered on jewelry insurance (American Family Mutual Insurance Company, St. Joseph, Missouri).

Certified Insurance Appraiser™

First Certified Insurance Appraiser (CIA)™ course offered (Carmel, California)

JCRS's Jewelry Appraisal Survey completed

Survey shows vast majority of insurance appraisals leave out descriptive information critical for valuation.


Jewelry Insurance Workshop

Insurance Education Association (IEA) introduces JCRS's Jewelry Insurance Workshop in California.


Publication of "Jewelry Appraisals for Insurance: A Call to Action," by David W. Hendry, Jr.

Contributors: Randall J. Bundus (Senior Counsel, Insurance Bureau of Canada); Michael L. W. Barnes (Program Officer, Industry Canada); James E. Mooney (President, Inland Marine Underwriters Association); Joel V. Volker (Senior Director, ACORD).


JCRS Website launched

ACORD 78 & 79 Jewelry Insurance Appraisal Standards introduced

Jewelry Appraisal Software

Jewelry appraisal software shipped to Certified Insurance Appraisers™

ACORD distributes JCRS Manual

ACORD distributes JCRS's Jewelry Insurance: The Underwriting and Claims Reference Manual


CIA™ title recognized by ACORD

ACORD revises Jewelry Insurance Appraisal form to specifically include the Certified Insurance Appraiser (CIA™) title into the 1998 appraisal standard


ACORD adopts JCRS's Jewelry Appraisal and Claim Evaluation form as ACORD 18


ACORD adopts JCRS's jewelry inventory record-keeping system and publishes it as ACORD 154 Jeweler's Inventory Record-Keeping Card

Jewelry Insurance Workshops

JCRS's Jewelry Insurance Workshops are provided nationally


JEMs® Introduced

JCRS introduces the Jewelry Expert Multiapp System™, state-of-the-art software for jewelry underwriting and claims processing.

XML standards created

JCRS (with cooperation from AMS and other working group members) creates inland marine XML standards.


Jewelry Insurance Issues begins publication

JCRS publishes a monthly email newsletter (originally called IM News) for insurers dealing with jewelry.


XML standards approved by insurance industry


JCRS Jewelry Consumer Services goes online

Independent agencies can make the JCRS Consumer Services site an extension of their own out-facing Web site, bringing their policyholders educational information on jewelry and jewelry insurance appraisals.

JCRS implements multi-part MIME attachments to Inland Marine transactions

The process allows non-text documents, such as photos of scheduled jewelry, to accompany electronic applications for coverage. JCRS is the first to implement multipart MIME within the ACORD XML message.

ACORD recognizes JCRS for implementation of XML standards

ACORD presents JCRS with its Early Adopter award for early implementation of XML standards for underwriting and claims business messages. JCRS receives ACORD certification for compliance with ACORD XML standards.

JEMs Jewelry Claims Software and Claims Mitigation Service Helps Carriers Expedite Settlements while Reducing Costs and Increasing Customer Satisfaction

JEMs Claims software effectively eliminates inflated jewelry loss settlements. The easy-to-use mitigation software generates accurate claims estimates, eliminating costly calculation errors. Adjuster efficiency improves and claims are settled faster. Settlement costs are reduced as much as 80 percent and all jewelry estimates are backed up with guarantees for like-kind replacement, assuring policyholder satisfaction.


JCRS develops ACORD 805

The ACORD 805 form is intended to be used by jewelers who do not meet the higher education and training requirements as set forth in the ACORD form 78/79 appraisal standards (see reverse side of said appraisal). The descriptive content however is the same, providing necessary descriptive information for the scheduling of typical jewelry items of lower value which underwriters would not require an appraisal (see individual carrier agency guidelines).

JCRS wins ACORD Process Re-design Award

ACORD recognizes the JEMs for Claims system with its Process Re-design Award. Read about the award and see the award-winning Case Study


Jewelry Insurance Workshop

JCRS' training course for insurance professionals goes national, receiving industry accolades. Nearly 400 agents, brokers, and CSRs graduate from the course.


JEMs® for Agents

JCRS released the new software package, JEMs® for Agents which allows the agent to complete a typical jewelry insurance submission in a once-and-done, straight-through process in a matter of minutes from start to finish. JEMs® for Agents utilizes ACORD-JCRS jewelry standards.


Jewelry Insurance Standards Organization

JCRS founds the Jewelry Insurance Standards Organization (JISO), a non-profit organization established to serve the insurance industry by maintaining the integrity of jewelry insurance standards, resources, and services. JISO functions as an insurance industry trust, a resource and repository from which insurers, jewelers, appraisers, and their customers can obtain, without cost, jewelry insurance forms, standards, and related information. Former ACORD forms 18, 78, 79, 154, 805, and 806, all developed by JCRS, become available through JISO.


JIBNA Sponsorship

JCRS secures JIBNA Personal Jewelry Insurance sponsorship.


JEMs software patent issued

JCRS receives patent on its software "system and method for appraising valuable items."