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JCRS' Founder

Dave Hendry

David W. Hendry, Jr., CIC, is the founder, president, and CEO of JCRS. He has over 30 years of Inland Marine experience, starting as an underwriter in 1975. Dave later started his own insurance agency that specialized in high-risk Inland Marine coverages, particularly jewelry and furs.

Dave authored the ACORD Jewelry and Inland Marine XML standards. He also created an expert computer system for jewelry, designed to keep track of items and values during the price spiral in the early '80s.

Dave also developed the CIA™ Appraisal System; GemQuote®, an expert system for estimating jewelry prices; and the JEMs® systems for Jewelry underwriting and claims handling.

Dave has authored two books: The Jewelry Inventory and Sales Classification Manual and Jewelry Insurance: The Underwriting and Claims Reference Manual.

Dave regularly conducts jewelry insurance workshops for insurance companies and their agents as well as the Certified Insurance Appraiser™ training course for qualified jewelers.

Dave holds a California Fire & Casualty Broker-Agent License #0E82205.

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