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GemQuote™ Shopping Checklist (pdf)

Color Gemstones: Comparison Shopping

The GemQuote® Checklist links to the key facts for each jewelry quality that affects value. Review these details online, then print out the Checklist and take it with you when you shop.

If you find something you like at one retailer, go to other jewelers and use the same set of qualities to compare prices. You might ask: What is your price for a diamond ring with a stone of X carats, X color grade, X clarity grade, and X cut proportions? The jeweler may not be able to match your qualities exactly, but he will show you something close.

An honest and knowledgeable jeweler will be willing to give all the information you ask for and to explain terms you don't understand.

Buyer's Tip

Avoid buying through catalogs, TV ads, or promotions of any kind that do not allow you to ask for the information you need to make an informed purchase. Following this advice can save you thousands of dollars.