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A large emerald without flaw is so rare that, carat for carat, it is apt to be worth considerably more than a fine diamond. Emeralds typically range from .04 to 4 carats, although faceted stones of 100 carats and more are known. Their color ranges from bluish green to green. The toughness rating for emerald is Fair to Poor. This means damage can result from impact, as from a fall.

Emerald Treatments

Oiling is an enhancement routinely done to improve the appearance of emeralds. A colorless oil penetrates into voids and fissures that reach the surface. It does not harm the gem, but temperature changes, chemicals, and ultrasound used in cleaning may affect the stability of the treatment.

Enhancements other than oiling should be disclosed, both verbally and on the sales receipt and appraisal.

Treatments that Should Be Disclosed

Emerald before and after Fracture Filling

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