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Loss Estimating Software

Take the guesswork out of jewelry insurance underwriting and claims mitigation with JEMS® — Jewelry Expert Multiapp System software

Steamline processing and reduce handling costs with JEMs®

JEMs® for Claims, JEMs® for Underwriting, and JEMs® for Agents software applications are proven Internet-enabled technology tools that reside in an ASP environment and offer several distinct advantages.

Our JEMs® jewelry expert software modules enables adjusters, underwriters, and agents to analyze the jewelry, calculate insurance-to-value, and create the appropriate item schedules, descriptions, values, and premiums.

With JEMs®, insurance professionals can…

JEMs® is easy to use and works equally well as a stand-alone insurance software solution or incorporated with other software products.

JEMs® for Claims,
JEMs® for Underwriting, and
JEMs® for Agents…

Equally important, JEMs® software automates the ACORD/JISO jewelry forms introduced in 1997. It also works well for insurers relying on non-ACORD/JISO appraisal forms. It is compatible with other software products, is ACORD ObjX compliant and is backwardly compatible with ACORD AL-3 standards.

JEMs® gives insurers an efficient way to accurately analyze and value jewelry. JEMs® solutions are currently implemented variously at the carrier level, facilitating jewelry insurance processing with a higher degree of accuracy and efficiency.

JEMs® solutions have received ACORD’s Business Process Redesign Award. (Read the complete Process Redesign Case Study which explains JCRS’ award-winning jewelry claims solution.)

Our Valuation Guarantee

All replacement quotations (software or bid-generated) are guaranteed in writing by the supplying jewelers with the following warranties:

All estimates are guaranteed to JISO/ACORD appraisal standards. In the event a replacement is desired, the replacement will come with a JISO appraisal.