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Introducing JCRS Jewelry Claims Solutions

JCRS...we’re jewelry insurance experts – not jewelers. We provide jewelry claims services that enable companies to reduce losses, streamline processing, and improve customer satisfaction.

While homeowner and auto claims get most of the attention, don’t underestimate the huge impact that jewelry claims can make on your loss ratios. Our independent analysis of carrier claims audits indicate that most companies consistently overpay jewelry claims upward of 40 percent. (See how well you are doing: try our free claims audit.)

What’s more, most jewelry losses are settled by desk adjusters with limited experience and training. Because jewelry insurance issues are under-appreciated, most carriers don’t have adequate resources and know-how to handle jewelry claims effectively, while also preventing fraud and reducing overpayment. And to make matters worse, many companies rely on jewelers and their replacement services to mitigate losses, a practice that is akin to letting the fox guard the hen house.

JCRS offers a better solution. We are insurance professionals who are also experts at jewelry and jewelry insurance. Our loyalties lie with the insurance industry.

JCRS is the developer of ACORD/JISO Jewelry Standards and Forms. ACORD Standards are important tools that aid agents, underwriters, and adjusters in getting the correct information to properly insure jewelry and prevent overpayment.

JCRS offers a variety of time saving products and services that simplify and streamline claims processing. You choose what you need and we can take it from there. Choose from our fee-based mitigation services, easy-to-use loss estimating software, salvage and recovery assistance, and/or claims training. You can benefit from our…

Mitigation Services

Our mitigation services provide solutions for carriers that want to reduce jewelry claims settlement costs.

Let’s be honest: most insurers don’t know much about jewelry. And because a lot of jewelry is covered under a homeowners policy (only theft is limited), those losses are seemingly easy to handle without much thought of whether the claim is overpaid or not. Is that a wise approach?

Higher-priced and scheduled jewelry presents even more problems — especially when important information about the item is lacking. If the carrier doesn’t have the facts and pertinent unbiased information, how can it accurately determine what to insure for it for?

And, this is the number one problem inherited by the claims adjuster — limited, inaccurate information and inflated values.

So, when a loss occurs, how can claims confidently know the proper amount to pay in settlement costs?

If you can’t answer these questions, JCRS’ services can answer them for you. Read more to find out how…