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Consider the following:

What does this mean?

Jewelry insurance related losses are huge — much more than most jewelers, insurers, and consumers realize!

What’s more, all three parties to the jewelry and insurance purchase processes — jewelers, insurers, and consumers — have a vested interest in making sure that items of jewelry are accurately appraised and properly insured. Why? Because…

With that in mind, JCRS serves the mutual interests of insurers, agents, jewelers, and consumers by establishing mutual trust and understanding based on a win-win-win-win philosophy.

For additional insight into important jewelry insurance issues, see the following reprints (PDF files will open in a new window):

• $160 Million Gem Scam" (PDF)

• New Form New Standard For Jewelry Appraisers (PDF)

• Jewelry Appraisals for Insurance: A Call to Action (PDF)

• Jewelry Appraisals: Evidence of the Problem and a Practical Solution (PDF)

• Appraisal Valuation Problems Inherent in Adjusting Jewelry Claims (PDF)