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Rolex is the Cadillac of watches. The prices are so high, and fraud profits so great, that counterfeit Rolexes abound. The company has taken a number of precautions to deter fraud and insure the quality of its product. Being aware of these company policies, and the kinds of fraud that exist, will help keep you from making an expensive purchasing mistake.

Rolex tightly controls its dealers. It warrantees only watches sold through an authorized Rolex dealer. If a Rolex dealer sells to an unauthorized dealer, and that unauthorized dealer sells to a customer, Rolex regards what the customer purchased as a used watch.

As a protection for consumers, Rolex puts a green hologram on the back of each watch. The hologram wears off, so a watch that’s been worn cannot be passed off as new.

Some of the most profitable frauds use the basic Rolex watch or Rolex parts. Scam artists can put diamonds on a Rolex dial, for example, and sell the watch at a high profit.

It is now policy that you can’t buy a Rolex part, such as a watchband or crystal, without returning the part it replaces. (Needless to say, all parts must be purchased from an authorized dealer.) This keeps genuine Rolex parts from becoming part of a knock-off.

There are even websites detailing various counterfeiting tricks and how to spot them. There are many schemes and these are only the most obvious ones. Ultimately, only an authorized Rolex dealer can tell if a specific watch in question is, in all its parts, genuine.

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Buyer’s Tip

If you are offered a “really great deal” on a new Rolex, a price too good to be true, you can be reasonably sure the watch is a fake.