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JCRS for Jewelers

Jewelers are an integral part
of the jewelry insurance process

JCRS helps jewelers become familiar with the issues and practices associated with insuring jewelry. In fact, jewelers who are familiar with insurance issues and processes can play an important role in assisting both customers and insurers — and gain access to new sales opportunitites. Indeed, jewelers are an important part of the jewelry insurance, appraisal, and customer satisfaction equation.

Appraisals for insurance purposes, which are the most frequently sought type of appraisal, require special attention. Furthermore, the insurance industry and its customers are increasingly becoming aware that not all jewelry appraisals are the same. Moreover, inaccurate or inflated appraisals can negatively impact underwriting and insurance claims processes, hurt customers and erode consumer confidence, and can ruin a jeweler’s reputation.

JCRS knows jewelry, insurance, and technology — a rare combination of expertise that provides significant benefit to jewelers and their customers. Our services enable jewelers to attract new business from customers and insurers who rely on the training, expertise, and integrity of those jewelers who can satisfy insurance industry needs. JCRS’ services include: