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Jewelry Claims Valuations
Fee vs. Free

We all know to be suspicious when something is advertised as "free."

It's no different with jewelry claims valuations — you get what you pay for. Unlike many, JCRS does charge a fee for its jewelry mitigation services. It's worth it — and you get what you pay for. Our service is unmatched: it's accurate, dependable, efficient, trustworthy, and guaranteed. And to insurance industry standards.

Our calculations are more accurate and competitive (lower).

We're usually 16% to 24% less than the local or national “replacement jewelers,” with an AVERAGE claims mitigation of 42% below policy limits.

Our calculations are guaranteed.

If an insured requests replacement, we guarantee to replace it at the quality and value quoted. Others may SAY that they guarantee their prices, but we’ve seen too many examples in which they don’t stand behind their prices after all.

We reduce the claim time.

We turn every claim around within 24 hours. Most are the same day — often within hours.

We provide better documentation for claim files.

Our calculations are professionally prepared, highly legible, and visually credible — unlike the handwritten estimates that most replacement jewelers typically create.

We do not hassle the insureds to buy replacement jewelry.

We frequently hear stories how replacement jewelers sometimes put pressure on policyholders to buy replacement jewelry. (That’s the only way they get paid.) We never even talk to the insured unless the insured or the carrier asks us to.

We flag questionable claims for SIUs.

SIU stands for Special Investigative Units, the industry term for fraud units. We are insurance professionals, oriented and focused on the carrier’s best interests. By comparison, replacement jewelers are merchants who are focused on sales. They have no incentive to stop a claim, since a paid claim is their only chance at a sale.