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A key account loses a diamond ring.

Her jeweler says it was worth $20,000.
The adjuster says $2,000.
You've got a problem.

What do you do?

Fix it - JCRS® provides claims mitigation solutions to resolve claims dilemmas.

Prevent it - JCRS® provides appraisal and underwriting solutions to shortcut future problems.

Change the system - JCRS® provides a comprehensive, integrated jewelry insurance management exchange that reforms the jewelry purchase, appraisal, underwriting, and claims process.

The current jewelry process...

Causing problems for all concerned.

Here's a common scenario

Then the insured suffers a loss and makes a claim.

At each stage in the process, data is transferred via FAX, scraps of paper, or conversation -- leading to multiple handling as well as missing and inaccurate information.

Everyone loses

It's hard to find lose-lose-lose-lose situations, but the current jewelry process is clearly one.

The JCRS® Jewelry Process...

There is a better way.

Here's how it works with JCRS®

At this point, everyone -- from consumer to carrier -- has accurate and complete information about the piece and its value.

Then the insured suffers a loss and makes a claim.

Because the insurance and claims transactions are carried through IMIX™, statistical information has been captured that the carrier can use to modify underwriting policy or adjust rates.

Almost all of the data is collected at the point of sale and transmitted electronically through the rest of the process -- in complete and accurate form, without redundant effort.

Everyone wins

It's hard to find win-win-win-win situations, but the JCRS® jewelry process is clearly one.

What does JCRS® provide to agencies and carriers?

Software and Applications

Training and Manuals

Forms and Standards


What does JCRS® provide to jewelers?

Software and Applications

Training and Manuals

Forms and Standards


Electronic Transmission

Consumer Web Site Content

Who is JCRS®?

The JCRS® mission is to create technology-centered Inland Marine solutions that assist agents and insurers with accurate underwriting and appraisals as well as equitable and efficient claims settlement — all directed toward increased policyholder satisfaction.

Because of the complexity of the jewelry process and its inclusion of consumers, jewelers, agents, and carriers, JCRS® believes that only solutions that take into account the needs and interests of all parties will be successful. JCRS® also believes that the jewelry insurance problem cannot be solved solely through technology, but also requires information resources and training programs. Further, any solution must provide for standard data collection, appraisal processes, and electronic transmission between parties.

Since 1987, JCRS® has worked to create a full suite of software, information, training, standards, and network services as infrastructure to significantly reform the Inland Marine insurance process for the benefit of all participating parties. JCRS® began the process with the most difficult area, jewelry, and will soon expand its services to include other scheduled property categories.

Agencies and carriers can secure significant, immediate benefit through use of JEMs® for Underwriting, JEMs® for Claims, JISO/ACORD Jewelry forms and electronic standards, reference information, training classes, and Web site content.

JCRS Inland Marine Solutions, Inc.
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Solving Inland Marine underwriting and claims problems through the application of technology, standards, information, and education since 1987.